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Cordyceps sinensis

We Produce and Supply

  • Cordyceps sinensis mycelium extract capsules - in bottles of 60 capsules, each capsule 400mg.
  • Cordyceps sinensis¬† mycelium extract powder.

Cordyceps sinensis

Cordyceps sinensis is a very important medicinal mushroom. Active components are cordycepin, adenosine and nucleosides. It supports both male potency and female vitality, as well as, kidney health. Cordyceps also increases levels of naturally-produced antioxidants and is believed to promote longevity.

Cordyceps has traditionally been used to help the body build strength, endurance and stamina. Cordyceps has properties to provide energizing support to people experiencing fatigue and exhaustion. In addition, it helps the body to maintain proper blood viscosity.

Benefits of Cordyceps also include, aiding the upper respiratory tract and promote healthy lung function.