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Mushrooms serve as food, as tonic, and as medicine. A regular intake of mushrooms can make anyone healthier, fitter, and happier. They can make live longer, and always look younger.

Mushrooms are a most rapidly growing category which the current health-oriented generation is increasingly enjoying. In fact Mushrooms are miniature pharmaceutical factories. Mushrooms have many helpful nutrients, including beta glucans for immune enhancement, ergo-thioneines for anti-oxidative potentiating, nerve growth stimulators for helping brain function, and antimicrobial compounds for limiting viruses, so bountiful and nourishing are mushrooms.
Mushrooms give us:

  1. Relatively cheap source of high quality food protein, fiber, and good vitamins.
  2. The health-enhancing dietary supplements- mushroom nutraceuticals.

As, Mushrooms are environmentally very friendly. They bio synthesize their own food from agricultural crop residues, which would otherwise cause health hazards. And their spent composts/substrates can be used as animal feed, bio fertilizers and biogas.

Mushrooms are a group of organisms belonging to fungi community. Among the cultivated medicinal mushrooms, most important ones are Ganoderma lucidum (Reishi), Lentinula edodes (Shitake) and Cordyceps sinensis (Yarcha Gumba).

Reishi Ganoderma

Supernatural  Mushroom, elixir of life.

Reishi Gano helps actively in healing of tumors, reducing cholesterol levels and blood sugar. Reishi Gano is effective in fighting against epithelial ovarian cancer. Reishi Gano prevents cancer metastasis. It is empirically tested and found that Reishi Gano inhibits fresh formation of tumor, and also curtails movement of cancer cells within the body.  In addition to the above, RG is effective in regulating cardiovascular activity, chronic fatigue, rheumatoid arthritis, and diabetes. Oncologists, around the world, recommend Reishi Gano as complementary treatment.


Cordyceps helps in controlling hypoglycaemic activity.  Cordyceps can heal Hepatitis B, as these are Strong anti-bacterial fungi. Cordyceps can inhibit the vitality of leukocytes.

Cordyceps can detoxify body, helps thus in proper circulation of blood.

Oncologists, around the world, recommend Cordyceps as complementary treatment.

Cordyceps help, patients undergoing chemotherapy and radiation, by giving fresh boost of energy.

Kidney mal-functioning has also been rectified by using Cordyceps, by reducing the blood pressure, Cordyceps reduces the protein levels which burden the kidneys. Superoxide dismutase was increased and lipoperoxyde serum reduced, neutralizing the free radicals, and hence reduced the damage to kidneys.